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Flash disks, flash drives, usb drives, pen drives, memory sticks….they’re all just different names for the same technology, right?

Yes, technically, however, not all usb flash drives are the same.  I prefer Kingston USB Flash Drives whereas some may be looking for something more custom such as a business logo flash drive.

And then I also come across people that are looking for cute flash drives such as Hello Kitty USB Flash Disk 8gb.

Regardless of what you’re looking for, flash drives can be great for storing documents, pictures, flash games and even be used to boot an entire operating system from such as Linux Mint (my personal favorite linux distro).

I only give this one caveat…don’t let your flash drive be your ONLY backup.  Always keep more than one backup for those really important, irreplaceable items :)

USB flash drives are handy little devices to have. They can be used to back up files, music, and photos, or can become bootable devices for entire operating systems such as Linux.

Just plug one in and you’re ready to back up data or boot.

They’re actually called quite a few different names other than usb flash drives.  They are also known as:

  • thumb drives
  • memory sticks
  • pen drives
  • usb memory sticks

Another great thing about these little devices is that they can be quite inexpensive if you shop around.

Right now, has a 4 pack of 4gb usb flash drives for $24.95 with FREE SHIPPING!

There are some things that really “wow” me, and this is definitely one of them.

You have to remember, I’m almost 37 years old, which makes me from the Atari generation where you only had a joystick and a red button to maneuver.  When the first PS One came out, the first thing I noticed was all of the buttons, and whether or not I was coordinated enough to use it!

But the PS One has come and gone, and the technology has moved up to PS 3 now, and the PS One is almost forgotten.

All of that was just to establish where I’m coming from when I write this post :)

So getting to the reason for this post now:

The BumpTop 3D Multi-Touch Desktop is just too cool!

I just watched the  YouTube video (below) and was pretty amazed.  This is why I love writing about technology.  There are so many technologies out there that the average user may not know about.

The BumpTop 3D Multi-Touch Desktop gives you a 3D desktop environment for your touch screen computer.  I am impressed with the ease of use as appears in the video.

When using this new application on your touch screen desktop or touch screen laptop, it becomes like your own personal room more than a desktop.

You can even move some of your files or folders to the “wall” of that “room” to decorate it!

The simple touch screen navigation makes it easy to move pictures from your desktop room into social media such as Facebook.

I don’t currently own a touch screen monitor.  I have played around with touch screens a little at Best Buy, but haven’t been willing to fork out the cash just yet.

I’m truly struggling with not forking out the cash now!  I really want one of the touch screen notebooks with this 3D BumpTop Multi-Touch Desktop!  I have found that the technology is available so that you can have either BumpTop for Windows or Bumptop for Mac.  I have a windows computer but prefer my Linux, so I wonder if I’ll be able to get Bumptop for Linux anytime soon.

Maybe if the rumor is true that Google is going to acquire Bumptop and a Linux version will be available.

Maybe I’ll get one for Christmas if I can find a discount touch screen source and a Linux version :)

Click the video below:

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